Bazalt apartman

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Bazalt Apartman

We have created this sophisticated, panoramic guest house, which stands out from its surroundings, so that our guests have everything they need for a perfect holiday in the heart of Badacsony. It features modern style, with three separate apartments and a closed car park.

Take a look at our photos, which show both the apartments and the beauties of the area. If you are interested and would like to spend a well-deserved vacation with us, we look forward to seeing you, your family or a group of friends!

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A mobile garden grill offers the opportunity to prepare special snacks

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Favorable location

Just 150 meters from the beach, you can quickly reach some popular restaurants and wine cellars

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WIFI is available in all apartments free of charge

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Free private parking is available

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Enjoy the cold air even in the hottest summer

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Wine cellars

Well-known wineries await our guests at all times of the year


Penthouse Apartman

The jewel of our apartment is the 75 sqm penthouse apartment, which awaits our guests with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. In addition, we can accommodate two more people in the living room. Huge glass surfaces ensure full panorama. Its huge balcony overlooking Lake Balaton offers a pleasant early breakfast or even a family dinner. The equipment of the kitchen also offers the possibility of baking, cooking and cooling the fine wines of Badacsony.

2 Bedroom Apartment

The 66 sqm offers comfortable accommodation for a total of 6 people with two bedrooms and a living room with a sofa bed. A well-equipped kitchen and a bath ensure the carefree relaxation of our guests and in the meantime they can even have a fun barbecue.

1 Bedroom Apartment

The apartment has 1 double bed and 2 sofa beds, for a total of 4 people, 51 sqm. The kitchen is well-equipped and you can enjoy a barbecue on the terrace.

Things to see

The hill in Badacsony provides an excellent opportunity for hikers to admire the beauty of the valley and Lake Balaton. The wine cellars and cozy restaurants take care of the real gastronomic experiences of Badacsony. Not only Badacsony, but also the surroundings provide many attractions for visitors.

Folly arb
Folly Arboretum
Festetics Castle
Szigligeti vár
Szigligeti Castle
Kisfaludy kilátó
Kisfaludy Lookout Tower


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